interested in post treatment survivorship?


Step 1

Download and read the nutritional concepts in the Heal Well Guide from the American Institute of Cancer Research

(Click on the image to download or print)

Step 2

Let us know you have completed reading the Heal Well Guide by sending us a note via our contact page with the message, "ready for the grocery store tour"

The Cooking Matters tour will promote affordable plant based nutrition for any                                                         budget and allow for sourcing of local fruits and vegetables -ideal for assisting                                                          cancer survivorship (Click on the image to learn more)



Step 3

After finishing the grocery store tour and associated exercises we will then schedule you for a whole food, plant based cooking class with our Nutritionist Natalie Taft MS, RDN, LDN

(Click on the image to Learn more about the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine)



Step 4

When the cooking class has been completed we will then be able to start a 4x delivery of organic and pesticide free (when needed) fruits/vegetables/meals that will be shipped directly to your door. Our partners include Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and Papa Spuds Organics.